About the Institute

What is the E-liability Institute?

The E-liability Institute is a global not-for-profit with a mission to rapidly ramp up adoption of the E-liability method and to communicate learnings with corporations, universities, and the public sector. We want to create an ecosystem for rigorous carbon accounting worldwide, enabling well-functioning green-finance and carbon-sequestration markets.

The Institute supports organizations that are piloting adoption of the E-liability method. We also work with technology providers, audit firms and consulting firms that will help organizations to move from pilot to enterprise-wide scale. And we seek to catalyze the broader ecosystem of policymakers, regulators, standard setters and investors to urgently upgrade the global standards for carbon reporting and to drive decarbonization innovation.

The Institute is funded through philanthropic donations from supporters who share our commitment to improving carbon accounting. The Institute does not charge for its services, and has no commercial interests in furthering the adoption of the E-liability methodology.

Board of Directors

Robert S. Kaplan – Co-founder and Senior Fellow

Chris Liddell – Chair

Karthik Ramanna – Co-founder and Principal Investigator

Alicia Seiger – Board Member

Team Members

Lauren Holloway – Chief of Staff

Max Israelit – Summer Intern

Michael Mahoney – Chief Executive. See Mike’s update.

Marc Roston – Senior Fellow

Rushabh Sanghvi – Head of Partnerships

Chloe Zhang – Head of Partnerships & External Relations

Advisory Board

Myles Allen – Professor of Geosystems Science, Oxford

Patricia Dechow – Professor of Accounting, Finance, and Economics, USC

Iván Duque – Formerly, President of the Republic of Colombia

Lucy Parker – Partner and Business & Society Global Lead, Brunswick Group

N Venkatram – Country Chair, CDPQ India

Past Members

Harry Kirk