Pilot Resources

Pilot Playbook

  • – The playbook provides a step-by-step framework for organisations on how to pilot and implement the E-liability method for accurately tracking emissions through complex supply chains.
  • – It sets out key processes, considerations, and actions to successfully implement the E-liability approach, as well as supporting documents and FAQ.

Template: Pilot Feasibility Charter

  • – This charter helps us to jointly determine the focus, scope, and feasibility of an E-liability pilot in your organization.

Sample: Emissions Worksheet

  • – The Sample Emissions Worksheet is a simple annotated sample activity-based costing spreadsheet.
  • – While there is no one spreadsheet that can help manage an E-liability pilot, this sample spreadsheet is intended to be a very basic template that is fit-for-purpose.

FAQ – E-liability Approach

  • – This document provides more detail on the E-liability approach and how it operates, to support implementation. It sets out FAQ and suggested approaches on accounting treatment.